Monday, December 03, 2012

Fiscal Posturing 

The current imbroglio over the "fiscal cliff" is not the first time Democrats and Republicans have descended into wrangling nor will it be the last.  It is hard to remember that the Constitution structured governmental powers such that the status quo would be more prevalent than change lest the strong overpower the weak.  What was not envisioned in the Constitution was the foghorn of the media blaring every twitch of a Senator or Congressman to the nation and every aside from a President.  Washington is the cynosure of public posturing and self publicity.  Somewhere in the self-interest, the public might be served.  From a public relations perspective, politicians are poor practitioners for the most part.  They say they serve their constituencies but most of the time, they listen to interest groups who are instrumental in their re-election.  Hasn't it always been this way?  For the most part, yes. But, the citizen's hope is that legislators can rise above parochialism.  That they rarely do should be no surprise.  A legislator voted out of office has no chance to influence policy except as a lobbyist.  Will the US go over the "cliff.?"  Who knows?  There are deals being struck across Washington and maybe one will point to a path of reconciliation.  If not, Congress will miss the deadline, and the country will survive in spite of them.

Update:  Corrected.  


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