Thursday, December 13, 2012

Great PR, Cont. 

Here are two instances of great PR that serve both company and consumer. The first is from Netflix.  It is now publishing monthly speed ratings for Internet Service Providers.  The ratings are self-serving in that Netflix needs higher speeds to deliver its movies efficiently, but the ratings also serve consumers looking for unbiased information in an area subject to chicanery.  You can be certain ISPs will watch the rankings lest they fall too far behind the leaders.  The second is from Facebook.  Its engineers helped the FBI smash an 11-million machine botnet that robbed companies and consumers of an estimated $850 million.   Facebook's engineers have the programming "chops" to accomplish this difficult feat and their willingness to help the government was in the best spirit of cooperation.  It also served Facebook because the social medium was as much a victim as anyone else.   The best PR serves both company and public in positive and measurable ways.  Both of these examples meet that standard.


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