Friday, December 07, 2012

Great PR 

Now that Boeing's new 787 has entered fleet service, the company is demonstrating why the plane is better with great PR.  That comes in the form of a web site that puts one into the cockpit and allows one both to fly with the pilots and look around with a 360-degree view.  It almost makes one forget the prolonged and troubled development of the plane, which is certainly part of Boeing's intent.  One gets to experience a take-off, a landing and examine the fuselage, engines and wings, all in 360-degree views.  It is a great site for aviation enthusiasts and anyone interested in the first composite passenger jet.  It helps to build anticipation and excitement  among passengers waiting to get their first trip on the plane.  Finally, it demonstrates that Boeing has made the huge development and manufacturing leap from traditional aluminum structure to new materials and will be a formidable competitor for decades to come.  


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