Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Stupidity Begets... 

Over-reaction.  That is why this complaint from a radio station is specious at best.  From a PR point of view, the Australian radio station that allowed its hosts to do dumb things on the air deserves the "witch hunt" that it is getting. It does little good to cry about how it is being treated. People aren't sympathetic.  Other radio stations have been caught in similar traps over the years and one wonders why they continue to press the boundaries of good taste.  The answer, of course, is ratings.  People like low and cruel forms of entertainment and will go out of their way to listen to or watch it.  The Roman Colosseum has never gone out of style, although we don't pitch people to ravenous lions any longer.  Still, the rise of cage fighting moves citizenry a step closer to the brutality of old.  Pandering to the lowest form of taste means one will always skirt the edge of acceptability.  If you go over, don't complain.  Take your punishment.


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