Tuesday, December 04, 2012

The Future Isn't Here 

The future isn't here for the Murdoch iPad newspaper, the Daily.  It's shutting down. The Daily is joining other news models on the scrap heap and is a reminder that most new media ideas don't work.  It is easy to forget that in an era of Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.  Our focus narrows to successful efforts while failures disappear.  Some might argue that the news model didn't fail, but the man, Rupert Murdoch, did.  That might be true but the only way to find out is for another person to launch an iPad newspaper and see if that individual is successful.  Meanwhile, traditional news media, such as The New York Times, continue to shrink while flailing about for something to grab onto that can get the company back into a growth mode.  Give Murdoch credit.  He tried, but the market for news is Darwinian.


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