Tuesday, January 08, 2013

How To Transition? 

There have been complaints for years that the giant Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vegas at this time has outlived its usefulness.  This is only the latest.  From the perspective of the show's organizers, how does one make the show relevant in an era dominated by software applications?  Who would, for example, erect a booth at the show to tout a 99-cent app?  Moreover, the hot news of the show doesn't necessarily become the fast-selling new product in the marketplace.  CES momentarily creates its own world of hype as thousands of media plow through exhibits, but publicity fades quickly once the show is done.  It must be a public relations challenge for the organizers, especially since major electronics manufacturers are under pressure and looking for ways to cut back.  A million-dollar floor display at CES is an obvious target.  CES might shrink over time and even disappear.  It will take constant persuasion and adaptation to keep it in everyone's mind as the place to be in January.


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