Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Laughable Spin 

New York football fans are inured to spin.  They look at final scores and records.  That is why this session of hoo-ha was laughable at best and saddening.  Fans won't believe the coach until they see results.  And, that is as it should be.  Public relations is what you do and not what you say.  So, the coach can make grand pronouncements for the year to come.  He had better back them with a winning record.  New York fans won't forget what he promised, and they are ready to throw his words back at him.  In many ways, sports are simpler than the corporate world.  A successful record of sales and earnings is essential but there is more to it.  Investors want an increasing stock price, consumers better quality at lower cost, regulators conformance to rules and much more. CEOs constantly juggle priorities.  Some times they drop one or two and suffer the consequences.  They don't have fans booing from the stands, but maybe they should.  They would get instant feedback on their jobs and a reminder that spin isn't what PR is about.


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