Monday, January 28, 2013

No Easy Answer 

Boeing's crisis with the 787 Dreamliner is getting worse, although it is hard to believe it could.  Japanese authorities have now ruled out the battery as the cause of the fires in the plane.  This means something in the wiring and software control systems is wrong, a harder glitch to find.  It is not unthinkable that the plane will remain out of service for months.  The 787 has become already a major embarrassment for the company.  That written, Boeing still has a chance to turn its misfortune around and the Dreamliner into the plane of the present and future.  What it doesn't have is time.  It needs to get the problems with the plane fixed now and restart deliveries.  There are sleepless nights in Seattle and well there should be.  The question now is why the error did not show in testing, an issue that is likely to be the subject of prolonged inquiry.  This is the kind of PR disaster that no manufacturer wants.


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