Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Getting Away With It 

Sometimes buffoons survive -- and prosper.  They find a place in society where citizens tolerate them, if they don't exactly approve of their behavior and gaffes.  The Vice President is one of the more misspoken individuals in politics.  He erred again this week in Europe during a major speech.  But he gets a bye time and again, and the President seems to trust him.  Others are not so fortunate, particularly candidates for high offices.  The media and opponents will seize on a badly stated remark and beat the individual verbally for making it.  From Biden, errors are expected, and for some reason, that is OK.  Were Biden to run for President, however, my guess is that it would no longer be acceptable to make mistakes.  We should know in less than four years.  Meanwhile, Biden's PR staff can only shake their heads and wonder.


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