Tuesday, February 12, 2013

PR Ground War 

There is a new war between states.  This time it is over jobs and business. One of the more diligent battlers is Rick Perry,  the governor of Texas.  He has aimed his focus on California, the most populous state in the nation but also one of the highest in taxation.  He is tireless in pointing out that business can do more with less in Texas and employees have a lower cost of living.  Thus far, the numbers are on his side and other governors are not amused -- particularly Jerry Brown, the governor of California.  California has location going for it and a history of innovation.  It is also the entertainment capital of the US, if not the world.   Unfortunately for the Golden state, business is mobile.  So, while Brown can pretend not to be concerned, he still has to take Texas' PR campaign seriously.  Brown is well aware that in the history of the US, business has moved often and left states teetering.  Most recently, the auto industry's abandonment of Michigan has that state grasping for jobs.  The rise of southern States, particularly Georgia, has been at the expense of northern climes.  While California has location and beauty, people need to eat, and they will move for work.  The battle between Texas and California is going to last for a while.  Enjoy the feud.


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