Thursday, February 14, 2013

That Didn't Take Long 

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, knew he had a tough job following Steve Jobs.  The challenge is getting tougher with sniping already beginning about his views and performance.  Famously, Jobs warned Cook not to think about what "Steve would do."  That was good advice from a dying man.  What he couldn't tell Cook and Cook alone can determine is what Cook should do.  Apple depends on innovation for which it charges premiums.  It has to release a stream of ground-breaking products to stay ahead of the industry's relentless quest to turn every product into a commodity.  Any perceived slowdown in Apple's new releases drags the company toward other manufacturers hemmed in by price.  Cook knows that.  The question is whether he can keep the channel filled with exciting innovations.  Thus far he hasn't, and so the sniping.  The quickest way for him to put the second-guessing in its place is to launch a market-bending "something."  He is working on it but he won't have forever to get it out of the company's doors.


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