Tuesday, February 26, 2013

What Would You Do? 

Here is a case for a PR practitioner with extra time and a propensity for hopeless causes.  How would you do PR for a hated government service that everyone thinks has disappeared, yet hangs on and spends millions a year?  Of course, I'm writing about the Selective Service, the draft.  Few remember it unless of a certain age -- old.  All-volunteer military services have been defending America for decades now.  No high school senior has any understanding of the tension and fear when registering for the draft.  No college graduate knows that one could leave the halls of academia and be marching shortly with a rifle and pack.  Two lawmakers are trying to put an end to the forgotten system.  It is understandable why it is there.  What if the US were thrust into a war that was larger than its volunteer services could handle?  The draft would return.  But, is there a need to keep machinery in place just in case?  An interesting question.  How would you defend the existence of the service to the public, that is, without getting laughed out of the room?


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