Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A First Step 

So, Republicans are self-critical over why they have lost the last two presidential elections.  They have written a lengthy and trenchant report on what they need to do.  From a PR perspective, that is a first step.  The hard part is getting their own members to accept it, and that is the problem.  Some elements of the Party have rejected the report outright and have called for more conservative candidates who fit the mold they have defined.  Others have accepted the report but might not be enthusiastic.  About the only people who are happy are Democrats who see the Republican Party tearing itself apart.  They shouldn't be.  Democrats lived in the wilderness for a long while when their own liberal wing tried to capture the Party for its beliefs.  When Parties are bent on suicide, there is little to stop them until more pragmatic minds take control, and that doesn't happen until a Party is weary of losing elections.  The Republican Report might be what the Party needs, but the Republican Party doesn't know that yet.


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