Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Finger Pointing 

It seems Republicans can't enough of blaming one another for an electoral defeat last November.  Fingers continue to point at culprits, real or imagined, in the Party.  "If only" is the operative phrase.  While there is benefit from analyzing failure, it is dangerous to wallow in it.  Other elections will be coming soon enough, and one should be positioning for them.  Of course, the argument is how can one plan for the next election if you don't know what went wrong with this one?  From a PR perspective, the voice of voters in several races was clear.  The candidates did not represent the views of a majority of citizens.  It wasn't a popularity contest but a rejection of attitudes and positions that candidates expressed in their campaigns.  Were I a Republican and planning communications for the next go-around, I would revise messaging then find candidates who embody it.  But, I'm not in politics -- and glad of it.


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