Friday, March 29, 2013

Poke In The Eye 

Some people only understand force.  There is no reasoning with them, no persuasion, no accommodation except the blunt end of a hammer.  Here is a case.  The North Koreans are spitting angry because the US has chosen to project power near their border.  Let them be.  If they are intelligent or cunning, they know they haven't the power to attack the South and survive.  All they can do is to use the "perfidy" of opposing powers as a way to further repress their own citizens.  It is easy to be enraged by leaders like this, and one wants to invade the North to end once for all the evil that exists there.  But, wiser minds have known for decades that what is best is to bottle the scorpion until it starves to death, which it will do.  The horrible part of the slow killing is that it has taken millions of innocents with it.  We know from history the damage dictators can do -- the predations of Hitler, Stalin and Mao in the 20th Century alone.  We also know that one country cannot be the world's cop, as much as we would like to be.  There will always be injustice.  One can only hope that it doesn't happen here.  But, it does.  We are fortunate that it hasn't happened often on a societal scale but the US cannot live down slavery, systematic slaughter of native peoples, imprisonment of American citizens because they were of a particular nationality and false incarceration of individuals who hadn't done anything wrong.  We can only strive to be more fair, recognizing we will never achieve perfection.  Leaders of countries like North Korea do not believe in justice.  What matters is only that which benefits them.  They deserve a poke in the eye.


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