Monday, March 18, 2013

Religious Politician 

Pope Francis is a religious politician in the best sense.  He sees himself as a servant of the people, and he doesn't want to remove himself too far from them.  Hence, hand-shaking, baby-kissing and working the line as all politicians do.  This is refreshing.  The papacy has too long been encrusted with the pageantry of  milennia.  The pope understands that and is out to change it in the way that he deals with the faithful.  Unlike cynical politicians, however, this is apparently the style he used as a cardinal in Argentina.  He appears determined not to change now that the highest authority has been thrust upon him.  From a PR perspective, what he is doing is much needed.  There is a chasm between secular societies and Catholic Church teachings.  If the Pope is to make headway in getting Catholic doctrine understood, he will need to work in the trenches.  Sitting above the populace and commanding worked in the medieval era but we are a thousand years on.  


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