Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Future Forever? 

A future of all-electric vehicles might not have come -- and it may never.  Electric vehicle makers are having troubles, and there is no guarantee they will survive.  How does one do effective PR for an industry that the public never quite accepts?  Electric vehicle makers are not alone.  Inventors and scientists have, for example, tried for decades to market a flying car.  No one has succeeded yet.  AT&T tried for decades to sell a picture phone.  There was little public acceptance and videophone technologies of today did not come from that corporation.  Magnetic levitation  trains have been the near future for 40 years.   It is open at the moment whether self-driving cars will become a major mode of transportation in the next 50 years.  The problem with future technologies is that they assume too much, perhaps because they must.  From a PR perspective, one should be conservative about predictions, the opposite of "true believers" who know in their hearts that their technologies are destined to change the world.  Don't drink the magic potion.

What!!! It's our job as PR/spin doctors to brew the potion that will be used for public consumption. Your argument could be said for any product/service if you really think about it and it smacks of uncreativity and complacency. Our job is not to create mass public acceptance, but, to assist the client with either their short-term goals (sales) or their long-term vision (branding). And this can be done with any client regardless of product.

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