Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Won't Do Much Good 

Monster Beverage has issued a report absolving itself of the death of a teenager who imbibed two of its energy drinks.  The company hired a group of doctors who reported no link to the high-caffeine drink and the teen's heart failure.  That conclusion flies in the face of the Maryland medical examiner's report and of course, the lawyer representing the family.  Whether Monster is right or not, it won't do much good.  The case will be fought in the courts, and Monster already has lost a good bit of its reputation as a safe alternative for those wanting to stay alert.  The company had to prepare a medical report for the court case, and it will throw its experts at their experts in front of a jury -- then probably settle.  Meanwhile, what does the company do to regain its reputation?  Has it done serious investigation into potential dangers of its product or is it justifying it to continue to make a buck?  These are choices CEOs have to make and in these decisions, their moral and ethical character surface.  Perhaps Monster's CEO has done soul searching and has concluded with evidence that his drink is safe.  If he has, he now has the task of convincing everyone else.


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