Monday, April 15, 2013

Tax Day 

The US tax code is PR run amok.  It seems every constituency has to have its break, its take-back from the exchequer.  What better way for a politician to show concern for voters than to get them an exception?  Thus the code is a monstrosity that few, if any, understand in its entirety.  Specialists master sections and more importantly, how to game those pieces of legislation to the advantage of those willing to pay.  The tax code is a negative example of too much attention paid to individuals.  In pursuit of "fairness", the law has become inefficient and unjust for all.  A "flat tax" is unfair too but it is simpler.  Billions of hours and dollars would be saved annually if the code were simplified and most people didn't have to prepare their taxes at all.  However, that will never happen. When it comes to forking over money, it is every citizen for himself.  Even if the code were radically simplified tomorrow, by next year there would be adjustments then more tinkering the year after that and so on.  Eventually the code would again be a monstrosity.  Human nature is at work and not for the better.  Pay your taxes today and reflect that as bad as it is, it could be worse.


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