Friday, April 26, 2013

The Way Of The Fad 

Zynga is losing its shirt after exploding on the scene with games everyone wanted play.  And that's the problem.  Everyone wanted, but they don't now.  The game-playing crowd has moved on, and another fad has fallen.  Fads are everywhere, for example, the cupcake business, and companies come and go quickly.  From a PR perspective, there is little one can do to defend a company's brand differentiation when the brand fades as quickly as it appeared.    Second acts are difficult to devise and for the most part, they fail.   So, what is one to do?  From the outset, a CEO should understand that the company will be successful only for a short time and diversification is essential.  It is not the first game that is important but the second and third.  It is not the decorated cupcakes that will win the day but other baked goods that supplement and perhaps, eventually replace them.  Communications should spend as much time on the next offering as on the present winners.  It is sad to see once-popular companies disappear, but that the is the Darwinian way of capitalism and no one has found a better solution.


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