Tuesday, May 07, 2013


Activists can go too far and make themselves look absurd, if not worse.  That is the case here.    To go after a governor because he squashed a spider on his desk in front of school children is dumb.  PETA is using any excuse for its publicity campaign and as a result, it is reinforcing a perception that its members lack judgment.  In PR and publicity, there needs to be balance as in everything else.  One can't push too far ahead of public sensibilities without backlash.  Persuasion is a step-by-step affair.  Perhaps someday the public will value spiders highly and killing one on a desktop will be seen as out of bounds.  That isn't the case now.  PETA should have let the incident pass but no.  It seized an "opportunity" to cry aloud again for ethical treatment of animals.  The organization needs lessons in PR 101. 


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