Thursday, May 09, 2013

Change Agents Unable To Change 

Newspapers have long considered themselves change agents.  They pride themselves on speaking truth to power.  So it is ironic that this deep into the digital age newspapers still are unable to change, if you believe this anonymous newspaper executive.  While it is always dangerous to take someone's word who insists on concealing his name, what he says in this article rings true.  Even major newspapers continue to bleed while their digital operations are unable to make up for the revenue loss of display advertising.  It is a humiliating experience for an industry that once minted money.  It should be a warning to those who freely criticize business that they ought to get their own houses in order first.  But, of course, reporters won't be cautious.  They will continue to point to the peccadilloes of the mighty while groaning about pay and lack of career advancement.  Some things never change.  From a PR perspective, it is sad to see publishers in such a sorry state.  We need newspapers as much as they need us (although they would never admit to that.)  PR, however, will survive even if newspapers disappear.  It might even absorb many of those journalists who are out of work.


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