Monday, June 24, 2013

A Counter Response 

To all those who publicize healthy eating, this is a counter punch.   Twinkies epitomize junk good, yet millions eat them and are excited that they are coming back.  If anything shows the limits of persuasion, this is it.  Hostess and the "healthy food" movement are opposed voices in the marketplace.  Both will win to some degree, but neither will be triumphant.   That is the way it should be.  One can't legislate healthy eating, in spite of the efforts of New York's mayor.  People will find a way to eat the way they want.  The only hope is slow and persistent education that brings people to an understanding of what they should put in their mouths and what they should avoid.  In other words, the healthy food movement is engaged in a long-term PR program, as long or longer than the one that finally took down cigarettes.  


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