Thursday, June 06, 2013

Future PR Tool? 

It takes little imagination to see Google Glass as a future PR tool.  The camera alone will prove useful at events where practitioners serve photos in real-time to watching publics.  Wearing Google Glass, a practitioner can move about crowds and pick out people and actions to image without the burden of a camera or a cell phone doubling as a text messager-camera.  The ability to tap the side of the Glass and capture a shot then instantly tap a note on a mobile will reduce the burden on an event reporter.  I would be surprised if Google Glass isn't being used in this way already.  It's you-are-there quality is what makes the spectacles valuable.  As I see events, so do you, even if you are thousands of miles away.  There is growing skepticism that Google Glass will become a breakthrough product, and that may be the case, but the potential of the technology is exciting.


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