Thursday, June 27, 2013

I Mean It . I Really Mean It. 

Threats mean nothing unless there is action to back them up.  That is why this threat seems empty.  The newspaper has made the promise before and it didn't close.  Who says it will this time if production unions aren't compliant?  The PR response should be to set a date for closure unless the unions to come to agreement, and more importantly, to stop printing on that date and rely one's online presence.  Would the newspaper lose money?  Yes, but probably not much more than what it is shedding now.  Turning on a press and distributing hundreds of thousands of newspapers is expensive.  In one action, the newspaper would be rid of paper, as other newspapers have done already in the US.  The important point from management's side is to make the unions blink.  If they don't and one isn't serious about closure, then the unions will run all over management as they should.  Once again, never say it unless you mean it.


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