Monday, June 10, 2013

Service PR 

This blog has reminded readers repeatedly that public relations is what an organization or individual does and not what is said.  This was driven home again this last Friday night when our internet service failed at our house.  We called Verizon Saturday morning and reported that our FiOs  fiber-optic connection had stopped working.  Verizon did all the remote tests and said we would need a service call.  The time for a tech to show up?  Three days.  I sputtered that my wife runs a business from home and that was a long time for her to be out.  The answer.  We'll see  what we can do, but it was most likely three days.  Later we discovered the cable to our house was downed during a rainstorm on Friday.  We reported that, hoping it might speed service.  The answer?  Still three days.  Utilities are essentials to modern living -- water, power, sewer.  I would add to that the internet, especially since it carries our phone service, internet connection and TV.  If a communications utility can't respond faster than in three days under normal conditions, one wonders why anyone should use them.  Unlike water, power and sewer, there are options for the internet.  We had moved from Comcast only a few months ago because Verizon promised more.  We could always move back.  If we do, it will be one more example of where poor service equals poor PR.


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