Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Speech Coach Of The Future 

Among the many aspects of life that have been automated, put speech coaching into the mix.  The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has developed software that gives practical hints to budding orators.  Those of us who teach speaking might find this worrisome, but we shouldn't be.  Automation can be a valuable assistant to helping people overcome fears, tics and behaviors on the podium.  It won't take over completely, but it might make the speech coach's job easier and faster.  There never seems to be enough time to help managers and executives improve their speaking styles.  The challenge is that one learns speaking only by doing it over and over again.  It is no different than practicing a musical instrument.  For managers and executives who don't stand in front of audiences often, lessons are soon forgotten and bad habits resurrected.  If an automated speech coach can help infrequent speakers maintain their presence, it will be worth the expenditure.  Where does one sign for a trial?


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