Monday, July 01, 2013

Everybody Does It 

EU countries are shocked, shocked that the US is spying on them.  The US response?  Everybody does it.  That may be true, probably is correct, but no one talks about it in polite society, and the newspaper report is an embarrassment for the US.  The question now is whether the Secretary of State and the President can brush off complaints and continue as before.  It is too early to know the answer to that but it is unlikely that many changes will be made to its information collection technology.   Should EU countries be upset?  It is always disturbing to know that someone is violating your privacy.  So, the answer is yes, but in light of practical politics and diplomacy, my guess is that they will accept it and adjust their secrecy practices to make it harder for the US to penetrate their confidential data.  As for the excuse, it is lame.  "Everybody does it" is what convicted felons say to absolve their behavior.  The only answer to that is "Everybody doesn't do it."  The US needs to work on its PR for this issue.


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