Thursday, July 04, 2013

It Was Always So 

This story is amusing.  It seems a magazine editor has admitted that his publication used interns to avoid paying journalists.  It has always been so.  Decades ago when I worked in TV news, the station prided itself on its liberality except in the matters of pay.  Ask for a raise and there "a thousand others out there waiting to take your place."   So, I put in long hours of overtime to earn a wage slightly above that of the poverty level.  The same was true when I started in PR.  Pay was miserable.  However, the difference was that in two years, I was escalated to a decent scale.  I chose to stay in PR, and I'm glad I did.  Money isn't everything, but one should be able to pay bills.  That was my goal then and now, and I don't live a luxuriant lifestyle.  Publishers have never acknowledged the hypocrisy of their stance of speaking the truth and protecting citizens.  Truth should start at home with one's own employees.  Publishing is an economic enterprise and not a higher calling.  Journalists deserve decent wages along with everyone else.


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