Thursday, July 11, 2013


The CEO of the train line whose derailed oil tankers burned the center of a Canadian town is showing a curious sense of leadership.  He has already blamed the engineer for the disaster but he doesn't know the facts.  He stayed in his office for days before going to the scene of the horror because he said he was better dealing with the crisis from there.  He isn't taking total responsibility for the accident though it was his company's train, engineer and oil tankers filled with crude.  One wonders how he keeps his job.  A PR counselor would have told him to get to the scene right away and work from there.  A PR counselor would have warned him not to speculate as to causes until he knows the facts of the case.  A PR counselor would have told him to take responsibility for his company's equipment that rolled uncontrolled through the town, derailed at a curve and exploded into hellish fire.  Instead, it sounds like he has "lawyered up" or worse, he really doesn't know what to do.  In that case, RailWorld, Inc. needs a new leader.  


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