Friday, July 12, 2013


The last major PC magazine has stopped publishing and gone online.  I'm sorry to see PC World go.  It was one of a series of publications that appeared during the personal computer revolution, and it was a monthly education on hardware, software, networking, the internet and much else electronic.  But, time caught up with it and changing tastes.  The magazine had been shrinking as advertising dribbled away.  Finally, the publisher pulled the plug.  If there is one proof point that the PC era is over, this is it.  The magazine in its day showed the path to better, faster, less expensive client service and computing.  We learned things we never knew we could do from sophisticated word processing and in-house publishing to spreadsheet analysis, image manipulation and databases.  The magazine was the "shelter" publication of the personal computing industry. It is remaining online as other suspended computer pubs have done.  However, for those of us who like old-fashioned paper, it won't be quite the same.


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