Monday, July 15, 2013

Rush To Judgment 

There is no way to know whether George Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin in cold blood or out of self-defense.  Many had pre-judged Zimmerman. A jury found him innocent.  The rush to judgment in this case was remarkable but not unprecedented.  There are usually a few trials each year that capture public attention.  PR counselors know about the rush to condemn.  Anyone who has advised companies and/or individuals for any length of time, has experienced the circumstances in which corporations or individuals are hanged well before they get to court.  It smacks of the old saying that "We'll give him a fair trial then lynch him."  There is no way to stop this all-too-human reaction, and little one can do to defend against it.  The media and the government are both prone to condemning, and in this case, their behavior was egregious.  One would think they could learn, but they don't.  Zimmerman is free.  Martin is dead.  There isn't much more one can -- or should -- say.


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