Thursday, August 29, 2013


The New York Times web site was just hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army, and it wasn't the Times fault.  It turns out a reseller of a vendor was compromised and from there the Army moved upstream to the Times.  No matter.  The Times is left with a credibility issue and a smirch on its online reputation.  What good would it do for the Times to fire the vendor?  The way the Army worked its way in could be done to any vendor of the media giant.  The proper PR move is for the Times to work with authorities internationally to bring the members of the hacker gang to justice.  A highly publicized trial and sentencing would demonstrate to the shadow world of digital invaders and to Times readers that the Times is not about to accept such incidents lightly.  The hard part is for the Times to find and identify these people.  Maybe that could be its next investigative story.


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