Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Accidental Publicity? 

Did someone push a wrong button at Amazon and reveal its forthcoming Kindle Paperwhite reader?  Or was the "mistake" intentional and designed to get media attention.  It is easy to be cynical about such accidents.  Apple's early iPhones were "accidentally" left in bars and restaurants and became media sensations.  Even if these accidents were real, they had an effect of offering a scoop on a new product to editors and reporters.  And, the journalists willingly took the bait.  It is easy to imagine a publicity campaign that is launched by planned accidents.  Silicon Valley almost certainly has done so in its history.  Other industries have done the same -- e.g., spy shots of new model cars.  Some of the spy shots were indeed news but others were almost certainly "accidents" planned by the marketing departments.  There is a benefit to accidents that might not be readily understood.


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