Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Chronic Crisis 

On rare occasions, companies suffer a chronic crisis.  Something goes wrong and endures in error for months, if not years.  This is the situation at the Fukushima Nuclear Plant.  The Japanese government is stepping in to help the company control leaks of radioactive water from melted cores of its disabled reactors.  It seems little has gone right for Tokyo Electric Power Co. since the tsunami wrecked the plant, and there is no end in sight of the toil and trouble at the facility.  How does one do public relations in a situation like this?  There isn't much of an alternative other than communicating fully and constantly to the public, so individual citizens can judge the risks and prepare, if need be.  The company doesn't have the choice to remain silent.  If it does and something major goes wrong, the government will come down hard on its executives.  The company already erred by failing to disclose that radioactive water was still leaking into the ocean.  It is likely, given the dimensions of the clean-up, that the Japanese government will foot the final bill.  What will become of the company and its leaders?  The government might have a say in their fate as well.


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