Thursday, September 12, 2013

Emerging Crisis 

Along with the high cost of college, another crisis is brewing in the US.  This is the feeling among college graduates that they didn't need a degree to do the jobs they are performing.  The underlying reason for the degree is to certify to employers that they have work habits companies desire.  The American university system is teetering on the edge of failure but neither administrators nor academics seem willing to explore and make changes.  This leaves the field open for entrepreneurs to enter with better solutions.  The debut of Massive Open Online Courses is one such answer to the high cost of post secondary education.  Some universities have accepted them.  Most have not.  Parents, however, are searching for solutions because they don't have savings to pay their children's tuition and prepare for retirement.  Universities understand this but they seem helpless to do anything about it other than giving scholarships.  They continue building programs.  They spend heavily on sports -- football.  They skimp on academics through the use of adjunct professors.  Somehow, they hope few will notice.  Good PR would be to rethink the university from the ground up then reform it.  


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