Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Hammer Head 

To a man with a hammer, everything is a nail.  To a supporter of guns, every tragedy could have been averted had there been more guns.  Such overly focused and unbalanced thinking lives in the National Rifle Association.  The answer to every question is guns, more guns and more after that.  The Association deserves credit for staying on message even to ridiculous lengths. However, its implacable stance is working against it as gun-caused tragedies mount.  Even its supporters might start questioning whether every incident warrants more weaponry.  For now, the NRA remains a potent political force able to remove state and Federal legislators who dare to disagree with its position.   But resentment is growing and sooner or later legislators will have the courage to oppose the organization.  When that happens, the dam will break, and chances are gun control bills will be stronger.  It would be better for the NRA if it was more willing to negotiate and to go along with modest control measures, but that will not happen under its current leadership.  In political lobbying and PR, one should be willing to compromise, but that is a lesson the NRA has yet to learn.


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