Friday, September 13, 2013

The Best Kind Of Publicity 

The best kind of positive publicity is that which you get when you have tried to avoid it.  Consider a well known actor who dove into community service after a tragedy but refused to tell anyone about it.  Others spoke out later and cited his dedication.  The result is the actor's credibility and image have increased.  There is a continuous challenge in PR with clients who grab for glory.  They want to be seen everywhere and be on everyone's lips.  They don't understand moderation.  There is a time to shine and a time to stay in the background lest one weary the audience one is courting.  Politicians, particularly, are susceptible to the temptation to be on camera constantly.  What publicity hogs fail to realize is that they breed resentment, and it injures their credibility with those whom they work.  Some get away with it.  Most don't.  


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