Thursday, September 19, 2013

Whites Only? 

Discrimination on the basis of race can lurk anywhere and create a PR problem.  Consider  sororities at the University of Alabama.  They are and have been whites only, either because they haven't tried to recruit minorities or they don't want them.  Either way, it is a black eye for the university, which has taken a strong stand against racial intolerance.  Anything the university says about race is countermanded by groups opposed to the policy of integration.  There is a solution, and that would be to ban sororities from the campus.  Universities have done just that in the past because of misbehavior by the Greek organizations.  The University of Alabama can follow that action, but it probably won't until the sororities have been given a chance to reform.  Until they do, the school is in an uncomfortable position of advocating policies that its own students don't follow.  That is called hypocrisy.


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