Friday, October 04, 2013

Big Data 

What this story doesn't say is that Big Data needs better communication from scientists to the non-technical community.  Hard drives are filling with exabytes of information that will be useless unless Big Data analytics and story telling are applied to it.  This is the role both for PR and journalism.  It is the job of science writers who can translate complex solutions into simple terms. 

If Big Data is multidisciplinary, writing about it is equally so because each scientist on a project will bring and take away a slightly different perspective on what the Big Data means.  Rather than a challenge, PR should see this as an opportunity to exploit.  Right now, scientists are still in the early stages of gathering and analyzing Big Data. They are trying to make sense of it:  The job of the communicator has come to the fore.   It would be interesting to know how many interdisciplinary teams have a science writer dedicated to them.


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