Friday, October 18, 2013

Data and PR 

As this story illustrates, once you have a database, you can mine it for PR purposes.  For years, I have told clients that data they collect from customers and others is a source of stories, opinion pieces and commentary that can position their businesses accurately and interestingly.  There are two challenges to achieving that, however.  One is proprietary.  Clients may not want the world to know about the depth of data they have gathered.  The second is practical.  Clients may not have the mathematical and programming background to massage a database well.   As data banks grow, however, there is an increasing urgency to use the terabytes collected to differentiate one business from another.  It is easy to foresee a time when PR agencies have programmers and mathematicians on call to help massage millions of opinions into insights and a cohesive picture of a client.  It should be happening now.


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