Friday, October 25, 2013


Amazon.com doesn't talk to the media.  It leaves everyone guessing about its intentions and meanwhile, continues to expand quickly as the premier online shopping site for America and beyond.  It spends heavily to build systems, warehouses and delivery.  Returns to shareholders are paltry to non-existent, but it is still a hot stock because investors are betting on Jeff Bezos and his hidden vision.  Is this a recipe for disaster?  Possibly, but if Bezos remains healthy for years to come, there is an excellent chance that he will build a retailer as powerful as Wal-Mart.  But, let a breeze of competition slow growth and the company's stakeholders along with the media will turn on him.  He has made no effort to court them and his neglect will spur criticism as soon as his vision is proven fallible.  This happens to every company sooner or later.  Bezos is "living on borrowed time."  One wonders if he understands that.


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