Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Will It Work? 

When a leader calls his organization ingrown and concerned for its own affairs, will the organization get with the leader's vision or resist silently and stubbornly?  That is the issue that is facing Pope Francis who has called the Vatican curia "narcissistic" and failing to serve the wider church.  Pope Francis is about to learn how tenacious employees can be to hang on to their jobs as they see them and not as the CEO might.  Change driven from the top must still make its way through numerous layers of workers, and part of the management challenge is to show each worker how to act differently.  What are the new job requirements?  What resources are needed?  Who are your stakeholders?  All this takes time and while Popes change, the curia doesn't.  It is always there.  It will take the Pope five to seven years of intensive effort to see practical results.  He is not a young man.  Does he have the time and energy to see the project through?  Or, will the curia wait him out and place its hopes on the next holder of the office?


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