Monday, November 18, 2013

An Old Story But Still Embarrassing 

The Pentagon can't balance its books.  That is an old story.  It hasn't been able to audit its leviathan accounting system for decades.  No one seems to care.  There is no move in Congress to force accountability.  The White House is silent.  Waste and fraud continue in the armed services, but their relations with the public remain good.  Forcing better documentation of where money is going appears to be beyond war fighters.  Historically, goods moved about the battlefield through a system of barter.  Supply sergeants did back-door deals with each other and satisfied their needs.  That kind of system, however, destroys any audit trail that one might have.  It is a pity, however, that one of the largest spenders of public money cannot be brought to account.  One wonders how long administrations will let the disgrace continue before someone cracks down.  It appears unlikely in the near future.


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