Monday, November 25, 2013

Credibility Is Key 

At the heart of PR, diplomacy, business dealings and relationships is credibility,  Do we trust another party? US and Western Europe are facing that question with the tentative Iranian deal to slow uranium enrichment.  Can we really trust them?  Israel does not, and President Obama has a major challenge in getting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to accept the six-month agreement.  The US is electing to trust the Iranians but members of Congress are skeptical, for what after all has Iran given up?  There is no computer that can crunch a mathematical equation and arrive at an answer.  Perhaps at the heart of the difference between machines and humans is credibility.  If we can't take a machine's result, it is either miscoded or doesn't have enough information.  If we can't take another human's word, it is that we don't trust the individual to do or say what he or she has promised.  There will never be a guaranteed algorithm to calculate credibility.  Humans have too many levels of self-interest.  President Obama might have scored a diplomatic coup but then again, in six months he could look like a fool.  It is hard for him to know now.


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