Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Whatever Happened To...? 

In the internet age, sites come and go and few remember them.  Here is one.  When it started, iVillage was touted as the premier site for women.  Then it faded.  Now it is gone and one is left wondering if a web site dedicated to women's interests was a bad idea.  From a traditional media perspective, it should have been a winner.  Women's magazines continue to hold their own on news stands.  Why shouldn't it be the same online?  But it wasn't.  The transient nature of online media challenges PR practitioners.  They must be alert to what is coming and what is failing and what media reach target audiences best.  It has always been that way but traditional media were a finite challenge.  Online media are many times larger and approaching infinite. Because target audiences are fractured and scattered online, practitioners must assemble bits and pieces into a coherent whole.  It is a harder task, even with media databases to help out.


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