Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A PR Case Study 

The botched roll-out of the Affordable Care Act exchanges has at least one positive.  It has become an instant study for PR firms who are using the mess to educate clients and prospects.  The administration did nearly everything wrong from beta testing through keeping the boss, Obama, informed.  It is understandable how this might have happened given the controversy surrounding the program but it is not forgivable.  When a system is under stress, that is not the time to rush, but it takes courage to tell higher-ups to delay. That appeared to be lacking.  So, the administration ignored warnings from consultants and others that the site was not ready and plunged ahead off a cliff.  Depending on who you believe, it may take weeks to months to get the entire health exchange system operational from the front end to back linkages. Meanwhile, it is held together with band-aids and tape and "sorta" works.  The best that can happen now is for the ACA to fall from front pages and the immediate concerns of commentators and citizens.  Site managers can work with less pressure to get operations turned around.  As for a case study of the cock-up, look for it in the immediate future.


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