Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Playing The Pariah 

Give this much credit to North Korea.  It plays the pariah of the world with panache.  How else to explain a forced confession from an 85-year-old American who fought in the Korean war in the early 1950s?  The country's leaders have no reputation in the world and care less.  They glory in their contrariness and their oppression of their own people.  One wonders how many more decades this can go on before the country collapses from its own rotten political structure.  The North Koreans have no understanding of public relations.  They do not recognize a public, only human cogs in a machine designed to support the state.  That North Koreans have been largely passive is due to the military and enforcement services that have no compunction about arresting anyone and his family and sending them to forced labor camps.  These are prisons from which they will never leave and in which their children will grow into slavery.  A state like North Korea is unconscionable in the modern world, but it exists, and it is a reminder that people's rights can be torn away for generations with impunity.


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