Thursday, December 26, 2013

PR Crisis For UPS 

UPS didn't make the Christmas delivery deadline because of bad weather.    Customers are furious.  It was not for want of planning.  A few days ago, a major news story detailed the thousands of hours of strategy and equipment pre-positioning that goes into the final holiday rush.  All this was upset by massive ice storms that prevented planes from flying and/or landing.  What is one to do?  UPS apologized immediately to its customers and is making sure that it delivers every delayed package as quickly as possible.  That more than anything else will resolve the disappointment.  Perhaps, customers will shop earlier in years to come to avoid delays, but don't bet on it.  Most people don't want to know how something happens.  They only want to know that it does.  They aren't interested in details until something goes wrong, then they want someone to examine the system and find out how to fix it.  UPS had troubles this year.  Next year, who knows?  That the service can be as successful as it is, is a triumph of corporate organization.


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