Thursday, December 19, 2013

Smart PR? 

The CEO of Delta Airlines has decided  the airline won't allow phone calls during flights.  He bases his decision on market research and listening to crews and passengers.  Ordinarily one would say that is smart PR but what about harried businesspersons who need to make calls now?  Are they out of luck on Delta or will they fly a more accommodating airline?  In other words, there is no solution that everyone will back and it will cause some loss of traffic.  On the other hand, passengers who are deeply annoyed by others' yakking in the air will seek Delta out, so the decision might be a wash.  It is good, however, to see a CEO take a stand for customers and be willing to back his decision publicly.  That is smart PR.

Most businessmen bring their laptops, iPads and iPhones on board, so they are all capable of making texts or sending emails to business acquaintances. To have a hundred people yakking on their phones in such a small space is disturbing to others who prefer peace and quiet to read or do business on their laptops other than phone calls.

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